He is now a highly-regarded photographer/filmmaker, bringing together his strategic advertising experience with his fabulous eye for composition, to make him quite the unique image maker.
His areas of focus are still-life and portraiture; but his unique aesthetic, which has a strong sense of the minimal and the graphic, also translates to his lifestyle photography.
“I see my task as bringing a calm simplicity to a world over-burdened with images. Everything in the frame is there for a reason, or it shouldn’t be there.”
Stuey works internationally, but is based in his peaceful studio in a converted mill on the outskirts of Halifax, West Yorkshire. 
“I use filmmaking compositional techniques to direct the eye across the frame to imbue the still image with movement, or narrative, or emotion. It may not look like it, but a lot of work goes into the reduction of visual stimuli in an image. I’m in search of a result that has a potency, a concentrated feel.”

If you'd like to keep up with his latest images and thoughts then follow his photoblog at fotostuey.com

2014 Still in Motion - The Upstairs Gallery, Frensham
2014 Art in the workplace - Guildford Arts/Baker Tilly, Guildford
2014 London Life - LANG, Art Bermondsey, London
2015 Simple Local - Riverside Gallery, Farnham
2016 Corners and curves - The New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham
2014 Adore Noir Magazine - Portfolio of 2014 review
2014 Ways to make a photobook that doesn't fall apart - Akina Books, London
2015 The art of the nude, with Ralph Gibson, Vancouver

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